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China 33 Media Group Limited (“China 33 Media”) is a channel media operator focusing on high-speed railway network in China. We operate and distribute printed media and audio programmes, and strive to develop China 33 Media into a top Chinese business travel media brand through CRH and air transport.

In 2007, China 33 Media launched its CRH channel media business by operating and distributing Fellow Traveller on Hexiehao trains. Leveraging years of experience, we have been approval to pubic three magazines on passenger trains and/or CRH, namely"旅伴"(Fellow Traveller) ,"都市生活"(City Life) and "上海铁道" (Shanghai Railway). Meanwhile, the group obtained an exclusive right of "東方養生"(Ever Green) on first class cabins of Hainan Airlines. Hence, the Group has secured a new media channel, and strengthen high-end customer base and provide additional income to the Group.

Since its establishment, China 33 Media has developed its businesses in magazines, audio programmes, train station advertising and outdoor media. With profound experience and abundant human resources, we have set up companies and offices in major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Jinan, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Tianjin, forming a nationwide operation network. In addition, we start to expand into other media based on our position as a railway and air business travel channel media operator. We have obtained an exclusive right to sell the large advertising space on the air traffic control tower at civil airports in China, providing a unique promotion platform for companies and creating high brand value as well as market response for business partners. And we also installed and operated the billboards and LEDs advertisements at twenty selected train stations by five railway bureaus.

China’s railway construction sector embarked on a new journey as the country implemented strategies for economic transition and accommodating changing financial markets. As China’s economy continues to grow and the government strives to develop the CRH network, a plan that focuses on high-speed passenger transportation becomes another driver of both the economy and our business. Benefitting from the rapid growth in the CRH network, civil aviation, media channels at civil airports and the diverse tourism market, we have achieved a significant growth in media platforms for business and leisure travelers.

Unlike our conventional peers, we are a leading CRH media operator. We believe our competitiveness lies in a management team which has a deep understanding of and profound experience in advertising and media and keeps abreast of trends, leading the staff all the way to excellence.

China 33 Media’s integrated media platform covers printed media, train station advertising and outdoor media. Looking ahead, we will continue to capitalize on our competitive advantages and opportunities to expand our business and diversify advertising platforms, attracting more high-end customers and create higher value for the Group, shareholders and employees.

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