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Our Successful Business Model - A Wide Range of Media to Address Advertisers’ Needs

Printed Media Publications – Something for Everybody

We enjoy a dominant presence in the on-board printed media in the high-speed railway network in China, operating three out of the two publications approved by the Ministry of Railways for distribution on the high-speed trains in China. With the rapid development of the high-speed railway network in China, our reach will also extend geographically throughout the country.

We operate and distribute four periodicals, namely 《旅伴》(Fellow Traveller)、《上海鐵道》 (Shanghai Railway)、《東方養生》 (Ever Green) and 《都市生活》 (City Life), each targeting different readers and different advertising customers as well.

《旅伴》(Fellow Traveller)
《旅伴》(Fellow Traveller), is a monthly publication focusing on topical content and infotainment, and includes feature interviews, analyses and cultural topics for affluent business and leisure travellers in China. The target advertising customers include enterprises across a wide spectrum of industries such as real estate, automobiles, financial services, telecommunications, home appliances, information technology, garments and accessories, construction materials, food and beverages and tourism.

《旅伴》(Fellow Traveller), is a national publication and distributed on all CRH trains and selected regular trains throughout China.

《上海鐵道》 (Shanghai Railway)
《上海鐵道》 (Shanghai Railway) (“Shanghai Railway Magazine”), a monthly publication distributed on high-speed railway passenger trains operated by the Shanghai Ministry of Railway . This magazine is for the elite groups of business travel. In addition to publishing business, travel consultation, this magazine introduces the latest dynamic of railway’s leap-forward development.

《東方養生》 (Ever Green)
《東方養生》 (Ever Green), the magazine on first class cabins of Hainan Airlines is only a real high-end magazine covering the aircraft and the ground, and also is the domestic first fashion reading book who combine with oriental culture and new modern life. It contents oriental culture information, culture, fashion, health, gender and consumption, focusing on men's health quality guidelines, designed to spread Oriental culture, advocating health philosophy, the pursuit of a harmonious life.

《都市生活》(City Life)
"都市生活" (City Life) ("City Life Magazine") is a periodical distributed on regular trains and/or high speed trains operated by railway bureaus of Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Jinan. Leveraging on its wide customer coverage, "都市生活" (City Life) provides enterprises with effective brand promotion and product marketing at less cost.

Outdoor Advertising Space for High Visibility Advertising

We can also meet the needs of advertisers interested in creating high profile advertising on a grand scale, as we have the rights to operate and sell advertising space on the air traffic control towers at civil airports in China. Currently, we are operating the advertising space on the air traffic control tower at 20 selected civil airports in China.

The unrivalled height and distinct shape of the air traffic control towers provides a highly visible outdoor advertising space. In addition, considering the exclusive position of the air traffic control tower in the airport area and the increasingly stringent measures adopted by many cities to restrict the areas allocated for outdoor advertising space, we expect the demand for our outdoor advertising space on the air traffic control towers to really take off.

As at 31 December 2013, we had installed and operated the billboards and LEDs advertisements at 49 selected train stations operated by five railway bureaus, including Harbin-Dalian High-Speed Railway which commenced its operation not long ago. During the Year, we installed billboards, LEDs and related facilities at several stations, and entered into advertising contracts with several customers. These projects will bring revenue to the Group and further strengthen our business coverage. In addition to the advertising business through railway, we will continue to identify more advertising spaces on the air traffic control towers at the civil airports which are currently operated by the Group in order to expand the Group's outdoor business.

TV Business - Cooperated with CCTV

The Group cooperated with a directly owned subsidiary of China Central Television (“CCTV”), and obtained the production rights of “地理.中國”(Geographic China), one of the programmes of CCTV‘s Science & Education Channel (CCTV-10). This cooperation will further expand the Group’s advertising platforms and customer base. It is expected that this new business can attract high-end advertising customers and generate substantial revenue for the Group in the coming years.



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